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The Friends of The Titans Community Foundation

The composition of the Committee of TFTCF is the TCF Funding Committee plus any ‘honorary members’ including ‘Best friend’/Life President Mr Brian Chapple.

The purpose of TFTCF is

To widen the regular fundraising base and increase awareness for the Community Foundation through building a Friends Association of people who have used its services or wish to support its work in the community.

TFTCF is to achieve its core purpose by

To develop a backstory to the TCF by creating case studies and testimonials to widen awareness of the Foundations work to add to the background story as to why people should support its work

To create a stream of regular donors by regular standing order and activity rather than hoping to attract people along to more random activities 

To put forward nominations to the Ambassadors Committee to seek recognition for the Friends of The Titans Community Foundation

To help us extend the work of the Foundation you can support our activities by making a personal donation