Sponsor: The Kent Clan

Eru Smith-Wano for web.jpg

Position:  Back row

Place of Birth: Rotorua, New Zealand

Height: 6' 1”

Weight: 105 kg

Previous Clubs: West Scarborough, Bay of Plenty, NZ

Honours: ITM Cup, Premiership, Cook Islands

Best rugby moment:  Winning the Premiership

Worst rugby moment: Scoring a try on the 5m line…..

Greatest Influence: Mum, son and partner

Favourite Ground: Rotorua International Stadium

Favourite Food: Mac Attack Combo (MacDonalds)

Favourite Film: Once Were Warriors

Favourite music: R&B/Slow Jams

Favourite Band: Six60

Beer / Lager: Corona

Ambition:  To make my family proud and get to the Premiership