TCF TitansRIO Employers Programme

What is the TCF TitansRIO Employers Programme?

The TCF TitansRIO Programme is a programme offered to employees within local companies. It is based on the fundamental values of discipline and fairness, communication and teamwork, respect and sportsmanship operated in a safe and fun environment.

Whether it is an offer to the whole workforce or helping support those who are returning to work or who are obese a customised programme will be offered that through a mix of fitness/competitive games, diet and nutrition planning, and body shape/mental health will improve the fitness, health and mental wellbeing of your workforce.

How is TCF TitansRIO Employers Programme organised?

The standard programme is a 1-day programme at Clifton Lane, the home of Rotherham Titans Rugby Club, for up to 20 employees.

Who delivers the TCF TitansRIO Employers Programme?

The TCF TitansRIO Programme is delivered by the professional rugby players at Rotherham Titans Rugby Club.

How much will it cost for the TCF TitansRIO Employers Programme?

The standard TCF TitansRIO Programme is charged out at £1,000 for the full day programme.

Our existing customers

We have recently offered support to Keepmoat, Pyronix and Rotherham Foundation Trust Hospital.

Measurable Results

We aim to deliver measurable results that develop a fitter, healthier, and happier workforce. Metrics are in place that will ensure that your employees will be able to demonstrate improvements in their physical capabilities and in their habits, routines and behaviours that will make them more productive employees.