TCF Titans Rio Programme

What is the TCF TitansRIO Programme?

The TCF TitansRIO Programme is a programme offered to Primary Schools/Academies, Secondary Schools/Academies and other local learning communities. 

The TCF TitansRIO programme is focused on boys and girls in primary schools and addresses the obesity crisis facing young people. Through fitness/competitive games, diet and nutrition planning, and body shape/mental health activities the programme will deliver fitter, healthier, happier children.

How is TCF TitansRIO Programme organised?

The standard programme is a 1-day programme at Clifton Lane, the home of Rotherham Titans Rugby Club, for a class of up to 30 children.

Who delivers the TCF TitansRIO Programme?

The TCF TitansRIO Programme is delivered by the professional rugby players at Rotherham Titans Rugby Club.

Measurable Results

We aim to deliver measurable results that develop fitter, healthier, and happier children. Metrics are in place that will ensure that your children will be able to demonstrate changes in their choices, habits and routines that will lead to improved attendance, better behaviour and higher attainment.

What about child protection?

We care as much about child protection as you do – our reputation depends on it. 

All the players are trained in child protection issues, and we ask that schools or groups always ensure they have a suitably qualified and registered individual present to ensure safeguarding criteria are met.