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We have a major obesity problem in the UK. Already we have the highest levels within Western Europe and the numbers are increasing.

The cost of obesity is a heavy burden on the UK’s economy; £47 billion a year. Last year it was more that the cost of armed violence, war and terrorism combined. Obesity is a leading cause of cancer, high cholesterol, back pain, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. These health problems are already starting to have an effect in the workplace, and the major problem is now escalating as more and more children become obese.

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Childhood obesity

By the end of primary school 31.2% of children are already overweight or obese.

In the last 30 years childhood obesity has tripled.

Children are our future. They are our future workforce. If we don’t act now the current crisis will worsen.

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The Programme

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Happier Children: We want to show these children that everyone is an individual and that everyone will have a different body shape. We want them to feel comfortable in their body and help them understand that there is no perfect shape and that all different body shapes have a place in sport, as well as the wider world of work. We have all different shapes and sizes in rugby and in the work place.


Healthier Children: Healthy eating has long been proven to stabilize children’s energy, sharpen their minds and improve concentration. A healthy diet provides essential nutrients for growth and development. We will teach children about what a healthy diet consists of and how to make healthy options more appealing.


Fitter Children: Exercise is equally important when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Professional Rugby players from Rotherham Titans will be there to teach children how to play tag rugby. We hope that by making exercise exciting we can encourage more children to be more active in the future. Research would suggest that the children (and the teachers), value both the professional involvement and the motivational aspects provided by the players. 

Reward: The children will then be able to visit the Titans on a match day.

Sponsor a school

TitansRIO are in a unique position with our combined expertise in obesity, health and professional sports to make a difference.

Our programme will deliver a better, stronger, healthier society. The programme teaches the importance of exercise and nutrition and rugby’s core values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

We can help you deliver your corporate social responsibility objectives. Our partnership will enable you to be noticed regionally and nationally as leaders in your local community. Making a measurable difference to the lives of young people.

Our partnership will provide your company with press releases, social media content and activity, and other communications to promote your commitment to CSR to your customers, your suppliers and your employees. Giving you a competitive edge.

To sponsor an entire school it costs £10,000.

Your support will enable us to work in the school for 3 years.

That’s an average of just £20 per pupil.


‘By sponsoring a school you will make a real difference to so many children and you will be seen to be making a difference’

Work with us to help change lives. Be recognised as a leader in supporting social responsibility. Make a measurable difference in your community.

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