What is the Titans Community Foundation?

The Titans Community Foundation is a company limited by guarantee (Company number 05567014) and a registered charity (Charity Number 1112722). Essentially our status means we operate commercially but we cannot distribute any profits we may make and we re-invest any profits that we do make in improving our services and facilities.

We are a ‘community asset’ that is governed by a constitution and our aim is to:

  • Promote community participation in healthy recreation by providing facilities for the playing of rugby union and other sports capable of improving the health and well-being of people in our local community

  • Provide facilities for sport, recreation and leisure for the disadvantaged in our society

  • Advance the education of children and young people

The charity is run by local people who are Trustees of the Titans Community Foundation.

The Titans Community Foundation was established on 5 September 2005.

Who are the Trustees of the Titans Community Foundation?

Our trustees are: 

Mrs Lindsay Jones (Chair)

Mr Nick Cragg Mr John Whaling Mr Alan Holloway      Mr Miles Parker    Dr Charles Collinson

Mr David Frost

The trustees are local people who have been successful in local businesses or in our local public services

What is the address and contact information for the Titans Community Foundation?

The principal address and registered office is:

Clifton Lane Sports Ground, Badsley Moor Lane, Clifton, Rotherham, S60 2SN

Tel: 01709 388544

Or by e-mail:

Who delivers the programmes for the Titans Community Foundation?

The programmes are exclusively delivered by the professional rugby players and associated staff at Rotherham Titans. 

The players are able to work with vulnerable and challenging young people because they hold the right values and act as positive male role models. In terms of their age and academic background the players range predominantly in age from 20-mid 30 years of age and are usually graduates. Many players have undertaken Sports Science or Sports Management degrees but a significant number have come through the vocational learning route and achieved trades from engineer to building surveyor, electrician to plumber, scaffolder to builder.

Why has the Titans Community Foundation developed such an enviable reputation in working with young people?

The truthful answer is that if we knew what the chemistry was we could bottle it and make a lot of money! 

What we do know is that the players have the right values, are winners, and able to act as positive role models for young people.

Does the Titans Community Foundation only work with boys?

Our programmes are delivered to both boys and girls both in single sex or both sex groups. We have been equally successful with girls as well as boys as the positive male role model is usually a ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’ for young people of either sex.

We also work with groups from different cultures and traditions and we have enjoyed particular success with groups drawn from white British to Pakistani/Kashmiri and Romany/Slovak backgrounds.

Does the Titans Community Foundation only deliver sports programmes?

No. Whilst most of what we do has sport at its core we use sport as a vehicle for delivering a range of programmes from Year 3 to Year 13 that encompass a wide variety of key skills including problem-solving, communication, team-building, and improving own learning. 

We also do a range of functional literacy and numeracy programmes to support a young person’s development. We have also developed the TitansRIO Healthier, Fitter, Happier Children programme that tackles childhood obesity in primary school children.

Does the Titans Community Foundation only work with Secondary Schools?

No. We run a range of programmes for young people aged 7-16 for a wide range of organisations including Primary Schools and Learning Communities, Independent Sector Schools, Academies, Pupil Referral Units, Alternative Curriculum Units and businesses. 

How is the Titans Community Foundation funded?

The Titans Community Foundation is sponsored by the private sector and receives donations from individual benefactors and also undertakes fund raising activities and events

The Titans Community Foundation is proud to be sponsored by some of the best businesses in Rotherham including Keepmoat Regeneration/Engie, Keepmoat Homes, Pyronix Hikvision, AESSEAL,  Jenkinson Insurance, and The Nicholas Associates Group of Companies

The Titans Community Foundation has successfully bid for funds from charitable sources including The Big Lottery, Children in Need and The South Yorkshire Community Foundation.

TCF provides subsidised or free services to vulnerable and challenging young people and organisations in Rotherham wherever access to other funding sources allow it to do so.

What facilities does the Titans Community Foundation have to offer young people?

The Titans Community Foundation is extremely fortunate to operate from The Valley Room and The Clubhouse at Clifton Lane with access to the sports ground and its facilities and to Herringthorpe Playing Fields.