Last Man Standing: Cash Prize to Winner

Rotherham Titans are launching a new game called Last Man Standing which aims to split the cash-prize 50-50 with the winner and the Club.

The game will be launched on Friday 6 October ahead of the Titans away game at Bedford Blues on 7 October.

Each person entering will pick 1 rugby team from the Premiership or Championship to win their game in week 1.

If your team is successful you go into week 2 and then you have to pick a different team to win in week 2 and so on.

Once you have picked a team you can’t pick the same team again during the game.

People can pick the same team as another person.

Cup weekends will count when no league games are played.

The cost to enter the game is £10 and the Last Man Standing will win half of all monies received.

To submit your team, send your weekly selection to:

The deadline to submit you team will be 1pm on the Friday before the weekend’s games; late entries will not count.

To join the game you can make your £10 entry payment HERE

You can also pay at the bar at Clifton Lane.

The Club will give weekly updates on whose still in the game through its website and social media channels.

The winner will be presented with their cash prize by a Titans player/coach and have their photo on the Titans website.

Will you be the Last Man/Woman Standing? Join in the fun and enter now.

Any questions please send to:


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