Last Man Standing: Round 4 Selections

Below are the selections chosen from the 17 people remaining in the game.

There will be an update on Monday for who is still left in.

Good luck to everyone.

Anthony Browne             Doncaster Knights

Neil Cawood                      Harlequins

Anne Coggins                    Doncaster Knights

Paul Donaldson                 Harlequins

Mike James                        Saracens

Michael Martin                 Saracens

David Mitchell                   Nottingham

John Newport                   Saracens

Shaun Penn                        Harlequins

Jacqui Phillipson               Saracens

Penny Ralph                       Saracens

Lenny Rimmington          Saracens             

Alan Rimmington             Exeter

Paul Rogan                          Saracens

Paul Selwood                     Saracens

Carl Smith                            Saracens

Janine Smith                      Saracens

Last Man Standing_2.jpg