Get an Exclusive Titans Christmas Shirt

The big South Yorkshire derby versus Doncaster on December 23rd will see the players take to the pitch in a special one-off Christmas shirt designed by Scimitar Sports.

Supporters will have the chance to own one of these unique festive treats through a special e-Bay auction and traditional raffle.

Shirt numbers 1 to 15 will be auctioned on e-Bay between December 12th & 22nd with the winning bidders being able to claim their shirt after the Doncaster game.

To make sure all our supporters have a chance to win, numbers 16 to 22 will be raffled off with the 7 lucky winning tickets being drawn at the Annual Fans Christmas Jumper Party, again following the Doncaster game.

To bid on shirts 1 to 15 and get your favourite Titans playing shirt just click on the relevant link below:

Shirt Number 1: HERE (eBay item number: 222752901482)

Shirt Number 2: HERE (eBay item number: 222752907221)

Shirt Number 3: HERE (eBay item number: 222752910580)

Shirt Number 4: HERE (eBay item number: 222752913699)

Shirt Number 5: HERE (eBay item number: 222752914360)

Shirt Number 6: HERE (eBay item number: 222752918736)

Shirt Number 7: HERE (eBay item number: 222752919611)

Shirt Number 8: HERE (eBay item number: 222752920384)

Shirt Number 9: HERE (eBay item number: 222752924913)

Shirt Number 10: HERE (eBay item number: 222752926713)

Shirt Number 11: HERE (eBay item number: 222752929673)

Shirt Number 12: HERE (eBay item number: 222752935901)

Shirt Number 13: HERE (eBay item number: 222752937389)

Shirt Number 14: HERE (eBay item number: 222752931532)

Shirt Number 15: HERE (eBay item number: 222752939505)