All Hands On Deck

It's time to turn Clifton Lane into a rugby ground and we are appealing for volunteers to help set up and give the team home field advantage starting this evening.

Wednesday 6pm the posts are being erected and the Vice Presidents are appealing for as many helpers as possible to help.

Sunday 8am we need to transform Clifton Lane into a rugby ground, please turn up and we can guarantee a job to do.

We've hundreds of flags, thanks to kit supplier Scimitar, to hand out to make Clifton Lane a sea of Claret & Blue. We need an extra volunteer to distribute them at the game, if you can help please ring Mick Sylvester on: 07432 509 987.

We also need 2 helpers to staff a Supporters Club membership stall, taking payments & issuing temporary cards; again please call Mick.

Finally, the whole of the conservatory will be used for players dining this season. 

While there will be signs advising this, we need a couple of volunteers to politely advise people the area is needed for those who have just put a shift in and there are other places to sit; please again contact Mick.


We Need You Pic.jpeg