Do You Know Your Loosehead From Your Tighthead?

Titan Tuesday tomorrow promises to be a great night to learn all about the dark art of being a prop forward.

Andrew Foster and Matt Shields will be demonstrating what happens at each point of the scrum, what you can receive penalties for, how do you know when to push, what are a props duties at the lineout or the breakdown.

There will be balls, tackle bags and a requirement for volunteers!

Whatever your rugby knowledge it’s a chance to learn more and especially for younger players to pick up a few tips.

The second half will see us get to know Andy and Matt a little bit more and they will give us a forwards review of Saturday’s game.

Doors are at 7pm with the club shop open and food available.

Please note the rugby office will be closed but memberships can be taken out or renewed over the bar.

M Shields & A Foster.jpg