Titan Tuesday Presenter "Happy to be proved wrong"

Ahead of last night’s Titan Tuesday presenter Mick Sylvester declared, "We'll be lucky to get 20 in."

Following a home defeat and a week before most people's pay day who would have blamed him?

However, in what turned out to be in his words, "One of the best ever Titan Tuesdays," supporters turned out in strength to hear, see and take part in a scrummaging master class from Andy Foster and Matt Shields.

A good number of Rotherham Phoenix Junior players took the opportunity to ask questions and with other volunteers get some scrum practice on the dancefloor!

The highlight for most supporters though was having the fifteen minute break overrun!

There were special circumstances though as it was due to Andy and Matt taking time to go one on one with Junior players, answering their playing questions and giving great advice.

"Tonight was a special Titan Tuesday," concluded Mick Sylvester, "it showed what's unique about this club and I'll bet no other professional Rugby Union club was giving this kind of night to their supporters, who I'm more than happy to have proved me wrong with how many turned out!"

Props Mater Class.jpg