Last Fan Standing: Round 2 Selections

Below are the selections chosen from the 35 people remaining in the game.

There will be an update on Monday confirming who is still left in and who has fallen away.

Good luck to everyone.

Tony Birkett                       Munster A

Anthony Browne             Leinster A

Neil Cawood                      Munster A

Tony Clabby                       Bristol

Matt Cockton                    Munster A

Anne Coggins                    Munster A

Colin Coleman                   Pirates

Gary Dawson                     Bristol

Phil Duke                             Bedford

Eric Finch                             Pirates

Brian Greville                     Bristol

Ben Hallam                         Yorkshire Carnegie

Nic Hallam                           Bedford

Steve Haywood                 Munster A

Alan Holloway                   Munster A

Mike James                        Munster A

Lindsay Jones                    Munster A

Alan Jones                          Bedford

Gary Kent                            Munster A

Bruce Laing                         Leinster A

Michael Martin                 Munster A

Kenny Miller                      Munster A

John Newport                   Ealing

Shaun Penn                        Munster A

Jacqui Phillipson               Munster A

Penny Ralph                       Ealing

Alan Rimmington             Bristol

Lenny Rimmington          Bristol

Paul Selwood                     Ulster A

John Sorsby                        Bedford

Barry Thurman                  Pirates

Brian Umpleby                  Bedford

John Wainwright              Ealing

Janet Watson                    Bedford

Nick Woodwood              Munster A

Last Fan Standing_Poster.jpg