Unique Titans Playing Shirts Up For Grabs

The Yorkshire derby versus Yorkshire Carnegie on Saturday 14 April will see the players take to the pitch in a special one-off Army-themed shirt designed by Scimitar Sports.

Supporters have the chance to own one of these unique shirts-off-the-players-backs through a special e-Bay auction.

Shirt numbers 1 to 15 are currently being auctioned on e-Bay until Friday 13 April, with the winning bidders being able to claim their shirt after the game.

We will also be running a raffle at the game for people to win shirts 16 to 22 which will also be game worn.

To bid on shirts 1 to 15 just click on the relevant link below:

Bid on Shirt No 1: HERE (Item ID: 222909067885)

Bid on Shirt No 2:  HERE (Item ID: 222909073081)

Bid on Shirt No 3: HERE (Item ID: 222909075778)

Bid on Shirt No 4: HERE (Item ID: 222909076994)

Bid on Shirt No 5: HERE (Item ID: 222909078027)

Bid on Shirt No 6: HERE (Item ID: 222909081021)

Bid on Shirt No 7: HERE (Item ID: 222909083260)

Bid on Shirt No 8: HERE (Item ID: 222909087443)

Bid on Shirt No 9: HERE (Item ID: 222909105393)

Bid on Shirt No 10: HERE (Item ID: 222909106435)

Bid on Shirt No 11: HERE (Item ID: 222909108533)

Bid on Shirt No 12: HERE (Item ID: 222909110564)

Bid on Shirt No 13: HERE (Item ID: 222909111311)

Bid on Shirt No 14: HERE (Item ID: 222909112167)

Bid on Shirt No 15: HERE (Item ID: 222909114560)

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