Last Fan Standing: Game 2 will end this week!

Game 2 of last Fan Standing is certain to end this weekend as the final 2 players have gone against each other in the fixtures.

Titans travel to London Scottish on Saturday; Eric Finch has selected Rotherham as his choice, whilst Brian Umpleby has gone for London Scottish.

If the game ends in a draw the £200 cash prize will be rolled over into game 3, which we will start ASAP.

To enter game 3 simply pay your £10 entry fee HERE

Or you can pay your £10 to Tara at the bar.

Here are the selections for this week from the last 2 players in the game.

Eric Finch             Rotherham Titans

Brian Umpleby     London Scottish

Good luck to Eric & Brian.

Last Fan Standing_Poster.jpg