Last Fan Standing: Round 4 Selections

Here are the selections from the 26 people remaining in the game for Round 4.

The popular choice this week is Leinster with 9 votes to beat Racing 92, who have 3 votes, to win the European Champions Cup.

Brumbies, Cardiff Blues, Ealing and Highlanders also have 3 votes each; whilst there are single votes for Gloucester & Leinster A.

Previous champions Penny Ralph and Brian Umpleby have gone for Ealing and Highlanders respectively.

Check out the update on Monday to see who made it through safely and who didn’t.

Good luck to all and many thanks for your support. Have fun.

Tony Birkett        Highlanders
Neil Cawood        Leinster  
Tony Clabby        Brumbies
Matt Cockton        Racing 92
Anne Coggins        Gloucester
Colin Coleman        Brumbies
Shaun Coleman        Cardiff Blues
Martin Gabriel        Racing 92
Brian Greville        Leinster  
Ben Hallam        Leinster  
Steve Haywood        Leinster  
Alan Holloway        Leinster  
Lindsay Jones        Ealing
Alan Jones        Leinster  
Gary Kent        Racing 92
Michael Martin        Ealing
Kenny Miller        Leinster  
John Newport        Leinster  
Penny Ralph        Ealing
Lenny Rimmington    Cardiff Blues
Alan Rimmington    Highlanders
Barry Thurman        Brumbies
Tara Townsend        Leinster A
Brian Umpleby        Highlanders
Janet Watson        Leinster  
Peter Wright        Cardiff Blues

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