Last Fan Standing: Week 7 Selections

We go into week 7 of our game with five players still in the hunt to grab the £365 cash prize.

With 3 votes, the popular choice this week is Birmingham Moseley to beat Bishops Stortford at Billesley Common.

Check out the selections below.

There’ll be a full update on Monday.

Good luck


Tom Hardy - Caldy

Gary Kent – Birmingham Moseley

Kenny Miller – Chinnor

Shaun Penn – Birmingham Moseley

Alan Rimmington – Birmingham Moseley


Tony Birkett

Matt Cockton

Anne Coggins

Colin Coleman

Shaun Coleman

Gary Dawson

Phil Duke

Eric Finch

Mark Gabriel

Martin Gabriel

Alan Gedney

Brian Greville

Ben Hallam

Steve Haywood

Alan Holloway

Trevor Johnson

Lindsay Jones

Alan Jones

Tom Kenna

Bruce Laing

Allan McHale

David Mitchell

John Newport

Jacqui Phillipson

Penny Ralph

Lenny Rimmington

Lesley Rimmington

Mike Rodgers

Geoff Roper

Naomi Rubin

Anne Saunders

Paul Selwood

John Sorsby

Barry Thurman

Brian Umpleby

Janet Watson

Michael White

Andrew Wood

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