A brand new game of Last Fan Standing starts tomorrow and we’ve had a fantastic response with a record 45 supporters entering the game. So massive thanks to everyone for your support.

That means the cash prize which is up for grabs is £225

The most popular choice is Rotherham and Rosslyn Park with 11 votes each, whilst Darlington Mowden Park are next with 8 votes. Check out below for who’s joined and who they have selected in week 1.

There will be an update on Monday with the results.

Good Luck.

Garry Astle - Rotherham

Tony Birkett - Rosslyn Park

Matt Cockton - Rosslyn Park

Anne Coggins - Blackheath

Colin Coleman – Darlington Mowden Park

Shaun Coleman - Rotherham

Gary Dawson - Rosslyn Park

Phil Duke - Darlington Mowden Park

Eric Finch - Rotherham

Jessica Fletcher - Plymouth Albion

Mark Gabriel - Blackheath

Martin Gabriel - Darlington Mowden Park

Alan Gedney - Blackheath

Brian Greville - Rotherham

Ben Hallam - Rotherham

Tom Hardy - Rosslyn Park

Elanor Haywood - Rosslyn Park

Steve Haywood - Rotherham

Alan Holloway - Ampthill

Trevor Johnson - Rotherham

Lindsay Jones - Blackheath

Alan Jones - Rosslyn Park

Gary Kent - Rotherham

Bruce Laing - Old Elthamians

Miss Marple - Rotherham

Allan McHale - Rosslyn Park

Kenny Miller - Rosslyn Park

David Mitchell - Old Elthamians

John Newport - Rosslyn Park

Shaun Penn - Darlington Mowden Park

Penny Ralph - Blackheath

Alan Rimmington - Darlington Mowden Park

Lesley Rimmington - Rotherham

Lenny Rimmington - Ampthill

Mike Rodgers - Darlington Mowden Park

Geoff Roper - Old Elthamians

Sandy Sanderson - Darlington Mowden Park

David Saunders - Rotherham

Paul Selwood - Blackheath

Barry Thurman - Old Elthamians

Brian Umpleby - Old Elthamians

Jack Walsh - Rosslyn Park

David Wardle - Darlington Mowden Park

Janet Watson - Rosslyn Park

Andrew Wood – Birmingham Moseley

Last Fan Standing_800 x 600 NEW.jpg